The post Lockdown period has proved the most stressful, like living outside the world. With the likelihood of a return to the total lockdown possible, it seems a good time to try and accept this is the reality for maybe another year.

So, I’ve set up a number of projects to give a bit of structure to the coming months.

Rock Music: Listen to all 17 Wire albums in order of release.

Classical Music: Listen to Ravel in chronological order.

Film: watch all the Hitchcock films currently available in chronological order

Books: read all Philip K dick’s novels in date of publishing order.

Graphic Novels: read the best known film adaptations before moving into more adult focused novels.

This is not a race but with luck Covid will be memory by the time the project ends.


This has slowed to a halt. Watching Hitchcock in chronological order fell apart quite early, Wire has still to be written up and Philip K Dick books have been bought but not read.

So Reset button now in play.

Another four Hitchcock to be added this month, at least two PKD andfirst two Wire.

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