Random Chaos

… the consequences of not concentrating …

Saint Maud****

Directed by Rose Glass Venturing into the cinema is almost a dance with death so a horror film seems appropriate and Saint Maud will be one of the few highlights of this dreadful year. Rose Glass has faced some criticism about the core plot being well-worn: is Maud bonkers or truly being spiritual? But the…

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The Trouble with Harry*

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock The Trouble with Harry is that it isn’t funny. It’s neither black enough of funny enough and no amount of rewriting history will cover up that it stank on release. Maybe it’s the cast, who try their best but don’t seem to believe in the script. Definitely the script contains few…

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Director Marjane Satrapi Despite being based on a graphic novel, Radioactive is a throwback to the worthy Thirties film biopics with Rosamund Pike trying her best in yet another career clunker as Marie Curie. It would be quicker to read the Wiki entry on Curie than wade through this stiff run through her life and…

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Suspicion ***

Director Alfred Hitchcock When I first watched this film many years ago, I remember being glad that Cary Grant was innocent of Joan Fontaine’s suspicions about him wanting to murder her. Watching it again and the tacked on ending becomes obvious. Grant plays Johnny as a cad who would literally sell out his best friend….

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