Random Chaos

… the consequences of not concentrating …

The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog (1927)****

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock The first real Hitchcock film, The Lodger uses the idea of a Jack the Ripper type serial killer on the prowl in Twenties London. There’s a trademark opening murder of a blonde girl which then leads to a marvellous montage of social media in 1926, including radio listeners using headphones from…

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Tenet **

Directed by Christopher Nolan Sooner or later, Christopher Nolan was bound to produce a dud. It’s just a bit unfortunate that it’s with Tenet, a film pushed to encourage people to return to the Cinema. All the elements are here, with a complicated story about time travel, a convoluted structure, and constant exposition. There are…

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Casablanca***** The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp****

In 1943, the top three box office hits in the UK were In Which We Serve, Casablanca and Colonel Blimp. By chance I saw the latter two on the same day which gives a chance look at what audiences sought during the pivotal year of the war. Casablanca has been analysed to within in a…

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Solar Lottery*

by Philip K Dick Solar Lottery was the first full length novel by Philip K Dick’s to be published. Be under no illusions, this is hard going. The basic plot concerns an attempt to overthrow a world state were the Leader is elected by a lottery and is subject to constant assassination attempts. One of…

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The Pleasure Garden (1925)

Alfred Hitchcock’s first film as solo director (and the first film he was involved in to survive) is The Pleasure Garden, a typical melodrama where two hoofers discover and lose love. A major obstacle in watching this film is finding the BFI restored version which is full length, properly scored, and with the correct titles….

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The post Lockdown period has proved the most stressful, like living outside the world. With the likelihood of a return to the total lockdown possible, it seems a good time to try and accept this is the reality for maybe another year. So, I’ve set up a number of projects to give a bit of…

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