Random Chaos

… the consequences of not concentrating …

Atlantics ****

Director Mati Diop  Set in Dakar, Senegal, Atlantics at first seems a story of unrequited love as young Ada prepares for a loveless arranged marriage whilst her true love Sulemaine, despairing of his prospects, joins the exodus of young men to Europe looking for work. As fears grow about the men’s fate, the film takes…

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Director Sam Mendes A quest war film were two messengers must traverse a vast no man’s land to prevent a regiment making a suicidal charge. Verdict After Dunkirk, British directors seem to cornering the market for intense war films. The one-shot technique doesn’t add much to the film because its not told in real time….

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The Personal History of David Copperfield***

Directed by Armando Iannucci It takes about 30 seconds to buy into Dev Patel as Dickens (and ipso facto David Copperfield). He embodies the spirit and the enthusiasm which led his early death. Iannucci loves Copperfield and teases out the humour which Dickens books are packed with. We.ve had dark and gloomy Dickens for a…

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ***

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Did Tarantino’s nerve fail him or is it there in plain sight? That at least three core scenes involving Brad Pitt’s washed up stuntman are fantasies, fairy tales as the title makes clear. Most of the reviews have taken the film at face value which leaves you with an overlong and…

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Virtual Script Workshop 1995 – 2007

In the early days of the web, everyone had a go at a homepage before losing the will to live –  because every line of HTML had been compiled and edited in notepad. The slightest error and you lost the page. However, anyone could see the potential. So combining working in education and dabbling in…

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